What Color You Paint Your Office Matters



Let’s face it…employee turnover can kill a company. So how can you as a business owner help cut down on turn-over? Simple – paint your offices! Yep…the success and failure of your business rides on keeping your office space happy and inviting. Ok…maybe not 100%, but it does matter.

‘ A research paper by Kalyan N. Meola, with the University of Hawaii at Hilo, states that visual elements, including colors, can have an influence on employee behaviors, productivity levels, moods and attitudes.’ – According to www.smallbusiness.chron.com  (an online news magazine). The article went on to say that the colors you pick for your office may be as important as the people you hire.

Wow! So be honest…have you even given the paint for your office or commercial space much thought? Maybe – maybe not! Neutral colors, easy to put up and maintain…yep! But…what if a little more thought and a few more dollars invested actually made it a better place to work. Happier and more productive employees make for a better company.

So if you have happier employees who are more productive, then you should have more happy customers…which means you are growing and building a solid reputation in the business community.  That, in turn, gets you invited to a lot of cool networking opportunities; where you meet other business owners who learn to like and respect you. A year later you win ‘business of the year’ and get asked to start speaking to small business groups in your area. Your local business orders go way up! One day there is a big CEO of a major corporation who hears you speak by chance while visiting your city and asks you to speak to his employees (pause for dramatic effect) — at his annual employee conference in Las Vegas. While there you mingle with several large companies AND they place huge orders AND AGAIN you hit the jackpot at the slots.

So let’s recap shall we: If you want to win ‘business of the year’ – If you want to speak at a big conference in Vegas – grow your business locally and nationally – win the jackpot in Vegas – and have happy employees – you should put more time into what color you paint your offices and commercial space. I think we have made it clear that your future rides on your paint.

Call Painter Ready when you are ready to paint! 423-648-4408. We get it! We know that our reputation is only as good as what our clients say about us…our success is built on happy customers.  

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