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Many commercial and industrial concerns have reasons for having large storage tanks on their premises.  Some of the most common reasons are to store water and fuel.  However, some tanks contain specialized chemicals and even pressurized hazardous substances.

Pipe and Tank Painting

Tanks are usually composed of metal substrates such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel according to the properties of what they contain and whether or not these metals will interact with the contents.  Regardless of a tank’s composition, at some point almost all tanks need painting on their exterior.

Most tanks are properly prepped to remove rust and corrosion through methods such as grinding or blasting with aggregate.  Thereafter, they are primed (if necessary) and coated with a top coat.

Common materials used on tanks come from manufacturers like Carboline (Carbomastic Lines) and Sherwin Williams (Macropoxy Lines) for under-coatings and then use urethanes for top coatings.  These coatings are two part epoxies that require skill and training to apply.

Some customers, however, may simply choose to use more common products like simple rust-inhibiting metal primers that are one part followed by an industrial enamel top coat system.  Choosing a product depends on the preference of the customer and the requirements of the substrate coated.

Tank Painting Contractors

Coatings are often applied with high volume mechanical sprayers, but can also be brushed and rolled – especially if the environment nearby could be susceptible to overspray from a mechanical application.

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