Deck Cleaning and Sealing Chattanooga, TN

Cleaning and sealing your deck are important in order to preserve the life of the structure.  Cleaning a deck is typically accomplished by using a pressure washer accompanied by some sort of solution, typically a bleach or deck wash mixture.

When you are cleaning your deck with a pressure washer, it is important not to use too much pressure.  Using too much pressure can result in “furring” your wood.  Furring occurs when the water pressure actually lifts up and splinters the wood on the surface of the decking.  The remedy for this, although the aim is to prevent furring, is to sand down the areas back even with the surface.

Using special washes to combat particularly noticeable grease spots from outdoor grilling help to make certain that there will be no issues with adhesion – particularly when using latex products.

When people refer to sealing a deck they usually mean applying a clear sealant without pigment to the surfaces.  Although most deck stains also “seal” the wood (i.e. protect it from moisture and the elements) in addition to changing the appearance.  Often the term “sealing” and “staining” are used interchangeably.

Clear deck sealers are great for people who want to preserve the natural work look of wood.  However, sometimes, people are disappointed when a deck that is sealed with a clear sealer begins to gray again.  Graying is a natural occurrence for all woods over time.  While graying can’t be prevented it can be disguised.  Tones, which are sealers with a slight amount of pigment, create the most natural look possible for decking.  However, they are not as long lasting because they lack the solids found in semi-transparent and solid stains.

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