Carpentry Repairs Chattanooga, TN

Carpentry Repairs

Here at Painter Ready, we do a lot of simple carpentry repairs:  things like exterior siding replacement, replacing rotten handrails or deck boards, and taking care of rotten soffits, fascia boards, or window/door trim.

Typically, we begin a project by pressure washing all surfaces that are to be painted, followed by spot priming and scraping any loose paint.  Thereafter, we move in to executing the carpentry.

First, we take measurements to determine the material we need then begin to remove damaged or rotten pieces of the structure.  Once we’ve replaced the items, we caulk any seams that are exposed, and then apply one primer coat followed by two coats of paint.

While we are happy to replace exterior items for home owners or business owners, here are a few tips to protect those surfaces so that you don’t have to go to the additional expense of carpentry repairs:

  • Caulking – Water is the enemy of most exterior surfaces of your building.  Moisture is most likely to be absorbed and retained by a wood substrate in the corners and edges where it meets other pieces of building material.  So, caulk all corners, edges, and other intersections where water could enter.
  • Guttering and Roof Repair – While we do not execute these types of repairs, if your gutters or roof system are not taking water away from your building, then you’ll soon find that repairs will quickly be needed – especially along your soffit and fascia areas.  So, my advice is to keep a close eye on your building for any developing water stains or paint failures; these are usually the first signs of impending wood damage.  This may sound like an odd suggestion, but take a umbrella with you and survey your building during a reasonable downpour to get an idea of how your building is handling water run-off.
  • Painting and Priming – If you can see areas of your building exposed down to the raw wood or siding, then address it right away.  These are areas where water can be absorbed and retained, which leads to the degradation of the material.  At a bare minimum, at least prime the areas and spot paint them.  Usually, if your structure is experiencing spotted paint failure, then it’s time to consider painting the entire exterior of your building or home.

I hope this helps answer a few questions about simple carpentry repairs on the exterior of your commercial or residential project and how to avoid them.

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