No One Wants to See Your Industrial Size Crack!

A few years ago, I mistakenly ate a hot pepper that had been put into my meal. I mean hot! Like center of the sun hot! Molten lava in my mouth hot! So being the genius I am, I ran and got some water! Yes…you can finish that visual. It made it worse! Do you know why? Because I didn’t know what to do to solve the problem. Now that years have gone by, I can revisit that experience and take away some life lessons. Lesson #1 – always ask if there are fire-peppers in your meal. Always! Lesson #2 – when it comes to a problem, the best thing to do is find someone who knows how to solve it or you can make things worse. This concept can be applied to most all problems.

Now for our awkward, but necessary, transition to the real topic at hand. If you are responsible for the maintenance at a commercial building, retail space, manufacturing company, industrial plant or warehouse, you have problems that pop up all the time and guess what? Knowing who can help is vital. The last thing you have is the time or money to call the wrong company and then have to re-invest in another company coming it to fix the other company’s ‘solution’. A good example is your floors. I know – I know – your floors? Yes, your concrete floors! Ever notice that your forklift tires are wearing out way too fast? Folks may be tripping over the concrete joints. You are good at a lot of things, but concrete repair may not be one of them. So what do you do? You call your suppliers or other contractors to see who they would recommend, or you may go and do a Google search. You search concrete repair, concrete applications, professional concrete repair companies, etc… You search, you ask, you search, you ask…well you get it.

The best thing would be to already have a company you can trust who can do the job right the first time. A company who stands behind their work and has the training to actually fix the problem. From spalled out concrete joints, to simple chipping or cracks that occur over time due to wear and tear, when you have the problem, you need solutions. Maybe this joint needs filler and an epoxy coating. This problem may require the concrete to be cut out, a new pour, a new coating and a 2nd coating in the next few weeks. The trick is to get THE right company in your contact list. You don’t want JUST anyone cutting concrete out…filling cracked or chipped concrete!

The good news is your search can end right here. Painter Ready has the training, the insurance, the professional staff and the abilities to help with your manufacturing, industrial, or commercial concrete applications and/or repairs.

One more thought to keep in mind – when you find a good company to work with you should incorporate them into routinely preventative maintenance reviews and applications. Preventing problems is a whole lot less expensive than major repairs.

Find out more about THE right company at or by calling 423-648-4408.
So what have we learned? Don’t let just anyone try to fix your concrete issues and don’t drink water if you have eaten a really hot pepper.

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