Industrial Painting Contractor (Painters) Chattanooga TN

One of the many projects we’ve executed in the Chattanooga Area

You may often hear painting contractors reference the types of work they perform.  Usually, this work is broken down into the areas of residential, commercial, and industrial.  Very often, there is a fine line that separates the distinguishing characteristics between commercial and industrial applications.

Here are a few circumstances that if present may tip the project in the industrial painting category:

  • Type of Material Applied – Often, industrial painting applications involve using solvent based products, or two part epoxies.  These products require more knowledge and skill to appropriately apply.
  • Type of Surface Painted – Industrial painting often involves applying coatings to metal surfaces, such as tanks and piping (pictured above), or other surfaces that are part of a physical plant that are expected to be maintained for very long periods of time.
  • Preparation of Surfaces – Very often, industrial painting requires that the contractor (painter) use significant effort to properly prepare the surface to receive a premium coating that may be a solvent or a two part epoxy.  This may include aggregate blasting – sand, plastic, or even dry ice.
  • Environment – Usually industrial painters work in environments that require a greater degree of awareness and professionalism.  Projects may be inside working plants or other manufacturing environments that cannot be interrupted for maintenance painting.

If you have an industrial painting project and are looking for an industrial painting contractor in Chattanooga, TN or Northwest Georgia, please feel free to call Painter Ready at 648-4408 or use our website to fill out our estimate request form.  Our industrial painters will be glad to assist you.

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