House Painters Chattanooga TN

When you are looking to contract with someone to paint your house, make sure to hire professional, licensed, and reputable house painters.  Here are a few tips to help you along your way:

  • As for references – often, reputable house painters will have references listed on their website or within their proposal to further legitimize their firm.
  • Insurance – Most painting contractors will furnish you with a certificate of insurance with their proposal.  Even if you do get a certificate of insurance, a further, prudent step is to have the insurance agent fax or email you a copy directly from their office.  Producing fraudulent and “Swiss cheese” policies is all too easy.
  • New Construction vs. Repaints – Hire a contractor who primarily works on existing structures.  House painters who are used to working in new construction environments often pick up methods and habits that aren’t conducive to painting existing, occupied homes.
  • No Deposit Needed – Reputable house painters should not require a deposit to start work and should not ask for payment until the job is completely finished, unless your home is truly large and the project stretches over several weeks.  The only other exception to this rule would be if you are ordering expensive specialty products and coatings.
  • When can you start? – When you call a painting contractor who can “start right away” usually this means one of three things: 1) They are presently without work 2) They may have a surplus of painters or 3) They are between starting projects and can work you in the scheduling window.  Most painting contractors with a good following will usually be anywhere from a week to three weeks out.  When you go into a restaurant that has a wait or one where the parking lot is always full, there is a good chance the food and service will be great.  In like manner, an empty parking lot and an empty dining room is usually a bad sign.  Keeping a buffer of projects in inventory is the best way to manage your labor force and keep the best painters; that’s why most professional house painters will have a short wait before they can begin your project.
  • A Detailed Professional Estimate – Quality house painters should furnish you with a detailed estimate that breaks out labor and materials according to the line items that you request.  Scribbled written estimates often leave too much room for interpretation, and you may be asked to pay more than you originally agreed to pay.

I hope these tips help you as you search for your house painter in the Chattanooga area.

If you need a house painting estimate, feel free to call Painter Ready at 648-4408, or simply use our online estimate request form.  Painter Ready professionally performs a wide array of coatings, pressure washing, and simple carpentry services for customers in TN and GA, including Signal Mountain, Hixson, Cleveland, Soddy Daisy, Lookout Mountain, Rock Springs, Ringgold, Rossville, East Ridge, McDonald, Ooltewah, Harrison, Sale Creek, Apison, Dayton, Chickamauga, and Lafayette.

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