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Many buildings, including residential and commercial, can look older than they are due to a collection of debris, dirt, dull or chipped paint, or other items that has created an eyesore to onlookers. Many homeowners or retail owners of commercial space may wonder when it's best to have their facility power washed . Some may even be confused about why they should have their facility cleaned this way. Below is more information about why you should have your exterior facilities super cleaned, whether it's a residential or commercial facility.

The Purpose of Pressure Washing

Also referred to as pressure washing, it is important to have your facility power washed before applying a new coat of paint for variety reasons:

  • Ensuring that all unwanted debris and chipped paint is removed

  • Making sure that that your facility is ready for a new paint job and that it's application goes on as effectively as possible.

  • Providing a good clean foundation for your facility and prepares it for the appropriate adhesion.

It is important to have a professional power washing company perform an evaluation of your exterior facility to determine what type of additives are needed to better clean your particular facility.

Pressure Washing Tools

Using the proper power washing tools and supplies is important. Pressure washing equipment must be handled properly as a large amount of pressure from the water jets is used to remove various types of debris. This should only be performed by a professional pressure washing company to avoid injuries or damages to yourself or to your property.

There are two main types of facilities that require pressure washing services. They include either  commercial facilities or residential facilities as indicated below.

Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities usually have a lot more foot traffic than residential facilities. It may acquire other forms of dirt and debris than what's normally found at a person's residence, such as gum, graffiti or an excessive build up of other various substances found in parking lots, near and around  front and back door entrances or other exterior surfaces.

Commercial pressure washing requires the services of a professional power washing company to addressed all of the different types of pressure washing needs. Commercial companies such as these listed below are in dire need of commercial pressure washing services.

  • Trucking facilities

  • Storage facilities

  • Sports arenas and entertainment facilities

  • Medical facilities

  • Municipalities

  • Construction companies

  • Shopping centers

  • Warehouses and more

Residential Facilities

When power washing residential structures, it may include the structure itself as well as other things around the home such as patios, BBQ Pits, decks, grease and oil spills in driveways or other surfaces around the house.

Many homeowners may be tempted to do the power washing themselves, however regardless of how simple the job may appear to be, the services of a professional power washing company should be considered before attempting to take on such a job.

Why You Need A Professional Power Washing Company

Although pressure washing is very effective, it is not recommended that it is performed by untrained pressure washers without a track record. The assistance of a professional pressure washing company should be sought after to ensure that all aspects of the pressure washing services are performed effectively and safely!

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If you've been in business for very long, you realize how important the appearance of a building or commercial establishment is to your business. Commercial buildings that are sorely in need of fresh paint look bad and may even cost you customers. Surprisingly, many business owners think they can paint their building or offices and come out saving money while expecting a professional look. In truth, undertaking a job of this magnitude is best left up to professional commercial painting services.

Professional Recommendations and Consulting

Other than trying to paint a few rooms in a home, most business owners don't even know where to get started when it comes to applying a new coat of paint to their business. Professional painting contractors can really make a difference when it comes to a quality paint job.

  • Professional painting contractors have years of commercial experience and are well prepared to discuss a variety of painting jobs and offer recommendations. 

  • They can make suggestions for carpentry repairs and trim installations to improve the appearance of your office or business before the project begins.

  • Professional painting contractors can assess your project and make suggestions to help you to choose the most appropriate colors and textures to influence customers and create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • You'll be shown a number of paint samples that can be used to brighten rooms, create a spacious appearance and may even improve employee morale in your company.

Quick Services

Inexperienced painters cannot hope to compete with the quick and professional services provided by commercial painting contractors.

  • Professionals can clean, texture and prepare surfaces for fresh paint in no time.

  • They have all the necessary equipment to cover and protect the contents of your business.

  • Commercial painters can use the latest technology to deliver superior results in far less time than novice painters.

  • Because they are already in the business, they have all the brushes, drop cloths, tools, ladders and equipment to get the job done faster than you could.

  • Businesses using professional contractors typically enjoy quick services and experience less disruption and down time.

Training, Licensing and Insurance

On the surface, you may think you could hire a few people to come in and paint your office building over the weekend and be done with it. However, you might want to reconsider the fact that they have no professional training, licensing or insurance.

If you were to hire commercial painting services, you would have the right number of painters needed for the job with the qualifications and skills.

The company would meet the requirements needed for state licensing. They would also carry workers' compensation insurance to protect their employees in case of accidents. In addition, a reputable company carries sufficient amounts of liability insurance to protect them and you while performing painting services.

Contracts and Guarantees

A commercial service always operates using contracts that define various aspects of the job. Contracts typically include project deadlines, specify the services to be performed, identify construction and paint materials in addition to paint brands and the total cost of the job.

Reputable painting companies will most likely stand by their work and offer guarantees, which you won't get from a few guys you hired to paint your business off the street!

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It is becoming increasingly popular to buy older homes, both for their historical significance and their charm. Although most professional home painters can tell you that the charming bungalow you just moved into may hold some hazards you were not aware of. If your home was built before 1978 and has not been serviced by professional home painters in recent years, there is a strong chance that it contains lead-based paint. This is definitely not something to take lightly. Following are some of the things you should be aware of with regards to this dangerous material.

Lead-based Paint History

The use of white lead-based paint began as far back as Colonial times. Its use peaked in the early 1920's, and by the 1940's, it was becoming less prevalent in home interiors. Professional home painters continued to use this substance for many years after this because of its continued availability. While painters have not used this type of paint since 1978, it is estimated that 40 percet of existing homes in the U.S. contain lead-based paint on some surfaces.

The Problem

The reason why lead-based paint became so popular in the first place was because of the many desirable qualities it demonstrated. Adding lead to paint made it more durable, faster-drying, and moisture-resistant. Unfortunately, medical knowledge began to bypass design progress, and it was soon established that this material was both toxic and dangerous. Medical studies began to show that long-term exposure to the paint could cause damage to the brain and nervous system - especially in children. Recent studies show that 1 in 11 children have high levels of lead in their systems, which is why this is something that must be taken very seriously.

Even if you live in a newer home, or think the interior might have been treated recently by professional home painters, you may still have an issue if you are an antique furniture buff as this material was often used on antique furniture. Therefore, it is imperative to consider all of the surfaces in your home. If there is any doubt, a professional can be hired to test the surfaces in your home, or you can pick up a test kit at your local hardware store and do it yourself.

The issue of lead-based paint should always be taken into consideration, whether hiring home painters in the near future or not. Any contractor work that involves scraping or sanding can create a toxic, lead-based cloud in your living space. In fact, this sort of dust is the most common way people are exposed to lead. If you are planning on painting, simply painting over lead-based paint is not a recommended, long-term solution. There are new laws now in place designed to protect homeowners. Yet this may also make dealing with this issue an even bigger challenge.

New EPA Rules

In 2010, the EPA passed the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP Rule) that requires any firm or professional painters who work in homes built before 1978 to be certified in how to properly handle lead-based paint. If you are a homeowner with an older home that could have lead-based paint, it is essential that you only deal with professional home painters who are "EPA Lead-Safe Certified" so that all painting services and/or renovations meet EPA guidelines. This is even more importantl when it comes to ensuring the safety of your family. It has been determined that even a small amount of dust or dust chips from this material is enough to put a person at risk.

Lead-based paint is something that must be taken seriously, and should be handled immediately. While there is a time and place for "do-it-yourself" projects, the removal of lead paint is definitely not one of them. When you are looking for home painters, make sure the painters you hire are certified to do the job safely and correctly!

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Painters offer a time valued service. Their experience can transform your exterior or interior home project into a work of beauty and art. If you have been putting off an important painting project because of a lack of desire to invest the time and effort in painting yourself, consider hiring exterior house painters for your outside paintwork or interior house painters to paint the walls of any room in your home.

The Work of Exterior House Painters

A lot goes into painting the exterior of your home. You need to ensure you have the proper ladders to reach areas in need of attention that are too high to reach standing on the ground. If your home is several stories, you may have to consider renting scaffolding. There is also the cost of materials to consider for the job, including paint, putty for any minor patch work, and sandpaper. Finally, you must determine the best time to start the project, and hope that you are not deterred by life’s little interruptions, such as work demands, family commitments, etc.

Eliminate all of this planning and worry by hiring exterior house painters. You transfer the responsibility of planning and executing the project at a cost that is on par with doing the work yourself. The result? A job that is done right and can be expected to last for at least a decade or more.

Expertise of Interior House Painters

If the painting job to be done is inside, painters who can paint the interior of houses are the answer. According to HomeAdvisor, an online professional-services referral company, the average cost to paint an inside room in a home is $380 to $790 per room. Most homeowners spent, on average, between $964 to $2,427 on their interior painting project. Knowing what these costs should help in the decision about using professional interior home painters to complete your home paint job. You may choose to do it yourself; however, all things considered, it would be much more enjoyable to spend your time on a weekend getaway, etc., and leave the heavy work to the professionals.

Help With Important Painting Projects

Your home is by far the largest investment you will ever make, aside from your family. Take care of it and it will return tremendous value to you, not only monetarily, but also in the comfort it provides as a source of pride and joy. Painters provide a valuable service that should be considered when thinking about changing the color of your walls or brightening up the appearance of your house and improving its curb appeal.

Whether you are preparing your home for sale, or just want a new look for your exterior or interior, start by contacting experienced local painters. Consider the size and complexity of your next house painting project and consider hiring professional painting contractors to perform the work for you. You will be happy with the results of their efforts and be able to avoid the unnecessary hassle of doing it yourself!

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Do one painting job yourself and you will likely never want to do it again. Painting is not easy and your time is valuable, so it makes sense to hire a painting contractor to do the work for you. It should go without saying that not all painting contractors are the same. There are certain things you should look for when hiring a painting company. Following is are some ideas to help you make the right choice for your next painting project.

  • Painting Contractor Referrals - Nothing beats a good referral, so start your research project by asking family, neighbors, and friends about their experiences with various painting contractors, both good and bad. It is just as important to know which painters to avoid as it is to know who is recommended.
  • Your Vision - As you search for professional painting contractors, you may find that some have a particular style or specialize in certain types of painting. The goal is to try to match your vision with the right contractor. If you are not yet sure what you want, it is a good idea to browse through some of the painters portfolios for inspiration. Don't be afraid to steal ideas that you love, and transform those ideas into your own dream.
  • Licensed and Insured - A respected painter will not be someone who only advertises on Craigslist or puts up hand-made signs next to local liquor stores. It is important to thoroughly investigate the painting contractors you are interested in before hiring one. Determine if they are licensed to do business in your state. Are they bonded and fully insured? Do they have a professional-looking website with examples of their work? These are all important items to research as you look for a professional painting company.
  • Rapport - Most people do not put enough emphasis on the rapport they have with their painting contractors. These are people who will be coming in and out of your home or business, and who you will have to work with to settle any minor disputes. Be sure you feel comfortable with the contractor you select and can speak to them with ease.
  • Schedule - Discuss the work schedule up front and secure a commitment from the painting company with regards to a completion date.  A professional painter will let you know their timetable ahead of time. This refers to their daily work schedule as well as the estimated completion time for the job. While valid delays do happen, it is important that the lines of communication are open at the beginning of the job.
  • Warranty - Ask all painting contractors you interview about warranties on their work. The warranty should always be in writing. Also, be sure to take a close look at any exclusions. Exclusions are not necessarily a bad thing, as most warranties have them, but you want to be clear about what is covered and what is not so there are no misunderstandings.

The Contract

When you finally select a painting company, you will receive a contract that must be carefully reviewed. This is the time to ask questions and get any clarification on issues before moving forward. Be sure the contract is very clear on the following items:

  • What is to be painted (walls, trim, molding).
  • Any included prep and clean up.
  • Paint colors for each area.
  • Protection for furniture floors, fixtures.
  • Time period for project completion.
  • Project cost and payment terms.

Once you have covered all of these bases, you will be ready to get started with your chosen painting contractor so your painting project will be done exactly how you envisioned it would be. Paying close attention to these details will ensure an end result that has saved you time and delivered professional painting results!

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