Have you ever seen someone with a tattoo of a painting company’s logo?

Have you ever seen someone with a tattoo of a painting company’s logo?

I haven’t. People are not passionate about painting companies! Wait…did I say that out loud? Oh well! I don’t think that will come as a surprise to anyone. Painting is not very sexy! You won’t see a big group of people standing outside in all kinds of weather with big foam fingers and cooking out ribs before a big painting project.

However, there are two groups of people who really care about painting companies. Painting companies (obvious #1) and those who need a painting company – a home owner, business owner, industrial maintenance manager, or a manufacturing plant manager.

If you’re a home owner or business owner, finding a company who actually does what they say and backs up their work is vital! What should you look for?

Insurance and license! A lot of painters or painting companies may say they have these, but ask to see their credentials. Remember, you may think it is no big deal…until painter falls off the ladder on your property. IT’S IMPORTANT!
Communication. CALL ME! Let me know where we are. Return my call. Tell me thanks for the business, give me a start date, and set expectations. Email, smoke signals, texts, pigeons, pony express…something…just do not leave me hanging!
Professionalism! Showing up to give me a quote is awesome. When you show up well dressed with good manners paying attention to my needs as I talk. That’s professional and overall professionalism is awesomer! (pretty sure that is not a word…but it should be)
References! If you call references ask them the questions above. Did they keep your yard clean, did they stay on schedule, were there any surprises? Ask for references! It at least gives the appearance of accountability for past work.

You know how it works. You keep putting it off and then finally one day…BAM! I need a painter. So you go from being uninterested to very interested. What are you looking for…cheap! It is all about the money! Period! Right? (dramatic pause for effect) Well…maybe? Ask someone who got a ‘cheap’ price but had a horrible experience. Ask if saving a few hundred bucks was worth it? I suspect not. Let’s be honest. There are a lot of painting companies out there, and they all can paint! So what makes the difference? Relationships…trust…service…integrity…a history of doing jobs the right way. All the corny things we laugh at, but they are also the same things that make the biggest difference when applied to day-to-day transactions. So…it is not just the money. It’s like your special BBQ sauce (you have one right…it’s the south…everyone has one). It’s not just one thing that goes into making it work! It’s the honey, onions, the fill-in-the-blank. Add them together, and you have THE sauce! Same with a painting company. Professionalism…quality product…history of doing good business…etc… BAM! You have Painter Ready!

Painter Ready has provided TLC to hundreds of homes all around southeast Tennessee and north Georgia. If you are a home owner and have an exterior job or interior projects or even want to look at getting an epoxy coating on your garage floor, you want to look at Painter Ready. Business owners…guess what? The environment you create for your workers matters. That is where a professional painter right here in Chattanooga can help. How about industrial or manufacturing clients? They have need for specially trained coating applicators. Yep…Painter Ready! So PLEASE FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN DETROIT…before you go with just A company, at least call THE company!
So you see…there may not be any painting company tattoos out there. No big fan fare…but to a select group of people…painting companies are very important.
Find out more about THE right company at www.painterreadychatt.com or by calling 423-648-4408.

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