I am a pretty smart guy! I promise I am…well…let’s be honest…that depends on who you ask. Since I have complete control of this blog…then yes…yes I am pretty smart! Do you know HOW I know that? I am smart enough to know WHAT I do NOT know! That is a big thing in the world we live in.

How many people do we run into who think they know everything about everything? My dad taught me a long time ago there are a few things you do NOT do: 1 – Do NOT Grab an electric fence. (I will not go into here-and-now, but let’s just say I wish dad would have taught me the lesson BEFORE I needed to know and not while I was twitching on the ground). 2 – Do NOT Pull on Superman’s cape! This is from one of my dad’s favorite songs, but if superman was real I don’t think it would be a good practice to go around pulling on his cape. 3 – Do NOT Mess around with man-made lightening. Electricity! You know the kind that powers our houses and offices.
Now I can’t really help you with the first two things, but I am very capable of directing you on the third. There is really no reason for you to worry about having to fix that electrical problem. No need to try and re-wire your home or wire in your new office building. Why would you even attempt to figure out where the problem is in your electrical box when your lights dim on and off for no good reason? Call someone who can do it without the risk of injury to you OR making the problem worse. That is why more and more Chattanoogan’s are calling Electrician Ready. From things as simple as replacing an outlet or light switch to re-wiring your whole home…they have the training, the experience, and the credentials to make it happen.

With a master electrician on the job and knowing exactly what the codes are; you are certain to get the job done right and safely. Plus; do you know of another electrical company who offers a 1-year guarantee on their work, a 24-hour hotline, and who carries insurance and is licensed? Maybe a few who carry the insurance and licensing, but not many who have all the customer service tools in place to make sure that you are not just a happy customer, but a customer who helps spread the word and grow their business.

Don’t try to mess with man-made lightening yourself and whatever you do…do NOT grab an electrical fence…just saying. Call Electrician ready at 423-648-4409 or find them on facebook at Electrician Ready.

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