A New Business Launch

I thought all of you would be interested to know that Brandon Lewis Group, LLC recently launched a new business, and you can learn more about it at www.MyCampaignTreasurer.com.  For years, I felt that there was an under-served market for state and local campaigns when it came to political campaign fundraising software, political consulting, and gaining access to resources about political fundraising.

So, I built www.MyCampaignTreasurer.com in order to meet that need.  I also wrote a political campaign fundraising book titled How to Raise Money for Political Office: The Original Guide to Winning Elections Through Aggressive, Organized Fundraising.  After years of being frustrated at not being able to find a book exclusively devoted to the fundraising aspect of a political campaign, I decided to pen one myself.  You can also check out this political campaign fundraising book at LuLu for purchase.

Here’s to starting a new chapter.

Thanks for reading!

Brandon Lewis

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