Consider The Benefits From Hiring Commercial Painting Services!


If you've been in business for very long, you realize how important the appearance of a building or commercial establishment is to your business. Commercial buildings that are sorely in need of fresh paint look bad and may even cost you customers. Surprisingly, many business owners think they can paint their building or offices and come out saving money while expecting a professional look. In truth, undertaking a job of this magnitude is best left up to professional commercial painting services.

Professional Recommendations and Consulting

Other than trying to paint a few rooms in a home, most business owners don't even know where to get started when it comes to applying a new coat of paint to their business. Professional painting contractors can really make a difference when it comes to a quality paint job.

  • Professional painting contractors have years of commercial experience and are well prepared to discuss a variety of painting jobs and offer recommendations. 

  • They can make suggestions for carpentry repairs and trim installations to improve the appearance of your office or business before the project begins.

  • Professional painting contractors can assess your project and make suggestions to help you to choose the most appropriate colors and textures to influence customers and create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • You'll be shown a number of paint samples that can be used to brighten rooms, create a spacious appearance and may even improve employee morale in your company.

Quick Services

Inexperienced painters cannot hope to compete with the quick and professional services provided by commercial painting contractors.

  • Professionals can clean, texture and prepare surfaces for fresh paint in no time.

  • They have all the necessary equipment to cover and protect the contents of your business.

  • Commercial painters can use the latest technology to deliver superior results in far less time than novice painters.

  • Because they are already in the business, they have all the brushes, drop cloths, tools, ladders and equipment to get the job done faster than you could.

  • Businesses using professional contractors typically enjoy quick services and experience less disruption and down time.

Training, Licensing and Insurance

On the surface, you may think you could hire a few people to come in and paint your office building over the weekend and be done with it. However, you might want to reconsider the fact that they have no professional training, licensing or insurance.

If you were to hire commercial painting services, you would have the right number of painters needed for the job with the qualifications and skills.

The company would meet the requirements needed for state licensing. They would also carry workers' compensation insurance to protect their employees in case of accidents. In addition, a reputable company carries sufficient amounts of liability insurance to protect them and you while performing painting services.

Contracts and Guarantees

A commercial service always operates using contracts that define various aspects of the job. Contracts typically include project deadlines, specify the services to be performed, identify construction and paint materials in addition to paint brands and the total cost of the job.

Reputable painting companies will most likely stand by their work and offer guarantees, which you won't get from a few guys you hired to paint your business off the street!

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