Chattanooga TN House Painter – Painter Ready is pleased to share another 5 Star review that we have received. We know that being invited to provide work in peoples homes is an honor and it is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

As a top Chattanooga TN House Painter our crews work diligently to provide exceptional house painting services to Chattanooga residents. During the course of our work we are careful to make sure we are neat and tidy. The only thing left when we leave a residential painting job is the stunning new paint.

Chattanooga TN House Painter Review

We are appreciative that John too the time to share his feedback with us. Here is what he said,

“Very conscientious about working with our schedule and cleaning up after. ….and the house looks great! Nice job!”

John is not the only customer who has taken the time to express how happy they were with our services. You can see what some of our other customers have said about their experiences working with us by checking out our testimonials page.

Painter Ready Chattanooga is committed to providing superior level serves to our residential and our commercial clients. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our community in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas.

Remember we provide free estimates and will make sure your job is done right! Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of painting. You can be sure that when you hire Painter Ready you are getting a proven painting contractor to handle the job.

One of the unique things we offer as Chattanooga TN House Painters is our residential maintenance program.  We help Chattanooga home owners keep up the curb appeal of their homes through a variety of monthly maintenance programs. Be sure to ask us about this popular service to help keep your home in amazing condition year round!

You can contact us at (423) 648-4408 to have any of your questions answered or to schedule your free estimate! Thanks for letting us be your Chattanooga TN House Painter!


I am a pretty smart guy! I promise I am…well…let’s be honest…that depends on who you ask. Since I have complete control of this blog…then yes…yes I am pretty smart! Do you know HOW I know that? I am smart enough to know WHAT I do NOT know! That is a big thing in the world we live in.

How many people do we run into who think they know everything about everything? My dad taught me a long time ago there are a few things you do NOT do: 1 – Do NOT Grab an electric fence. (I will not go into here-and-now, but let’s just say I wish dad would have taught me the lesson BEFORE I needed to know and not while I was twitching on the ground). 2 – Do NOT Pull on Superman’s cape! This is from one of my dad’s favorite songs, but if superman was real I don’t think it would be a good practice to go around pulling on his cape. 3 – Do NOT Mess around with man-made lightening. Electricity! You know the kind that powers our houses and offices.
Now I can’t really help you with the first two things, but I am very capable of directing you on the third. There is really no reason for you to worry about having to fix that electrical problem. No need to try and re-wire your home or wire in your new office building. Why would you even attempt to figure out where the problem is in your electrical box when your lights dim on and off for no good reason? Call someone who can do it without the risk of injury to you OR making the problem worse. That is why more and more Chattanoogan’s are calling Electrician Ready. From things as simple as replacing an outlet or light switch to re-wiring your whole home…they have the training, the experience, and the credentials to make it happen.

With a master electrician on the job and knowing exactly what the codes are; you are certain to get the job done right and safely. Plus; do you know of another electrical company who offers a 1-year guarantee on their work, a 24-hour hotline, and who carries insurance and is licensed? Maybe a few who carry the insurance and licensing, but not many who have all the customer service tools in place to make sure that you are not just a happy customer, but a customer who helps spread the word and grow their business.

Don’t try to mess with man-made lightening yourself and whatever you do…do NOT grab an electrical fence…just saying. Call Electrician ready at 423-648-4409 or find them on facebook at Electrician Ready.


home maintenance_full

Eat healthy and exercise! Be sure to get your oil changed! Be sure to set some money aside for retirement! This is all good advice AND they all have one main thing in common. If you do them, you will help make your future better and it will help remove the stress that comes from not being prepared. They all will help you avoid problems down the road.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to stay in front of all the problems around the house? I mean we all know the little things that can cost us money….caulking, gutters leaking, bushes too close to the house and giving bugs easy access to our home, or even waiting too long to repaint. So why don’t we evaluate those things BEFORE they are all major projects…well it’s pretty simple. We simply do not have the time. We have ballgames, families, jobs, errands, laundry, dogs, and let me see…did I forget anything?

Guess what…there is a company who can help! There is a company who knows how important it is to stay in front of those issues before they become a problem. Taking care of your home and being proactive with its maintenance is just as important as eating healthy, exercising and getting your oil changed.
We would not own a car and NEVER get the oil changed… but if we do, then we shouldn’t be surprised when the engine gives up. It’s the same principal for your house…do not be surprised if you end up paying more on your electric bill if your caulking is faulty. Painter Ready can help. They have brand new Residential and Commercial maintenance plans available. They have a complete menu of services to choose from.

Staying in front of problems help remove some of the stress from our lives and may help avoid those costly home repair projects down the road that we all dread. Don’t be surprised by life…let Painter Ready and their new maintenance plans help.



I love popcorn! Nothing better than some popcorn and a good movie! You know where I do NOT like popcorn? ON MY CEILING! I am sure popcorn ceilings serve a purpose…to cover up stuff or maybe it just looks good to some, but to me…I want my popcorn in a bag and drizzled in butter.
So the dilemma is how to remove it? Maybe you have tried to remove your popcorn ceiling in the past or had to repair a leak and then try to match up the new patched popcorn ceiling to the old-existing popcorn ceiling….NIGHTMARE!
Here are a few things you will need to help you remove your popcorn textured ceiling:
Put aside a whole Saturday
*Drop Cloth
*Painters tape
*Sand paper
*Work clothes
Instead of spending one of your weekends working on ceilings, find a professional who can get it done and done right AND who stands behind their work. In Chattanooga, Knoxville and surrounding areas…that professional is Painter Ready. If you like your popcorn at the movies and not on your ceilings we can help.
Painter Ready Chattanooga – 423-648-4408
Painter Ready Knoxville – 865-218-4408


epa1978 was a great year!! I was 8 and all the world was right…at least as far as an 8 year old is concerned.  Disco music was in! ‘Dallas’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’ were on TV! “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees and “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel were among the most popular songs! We were getting scared out of our minds from watching ‘Halloween’ or cheering as ‘Superman’ saved the day at the theaters.  I was of course busy watching ‘Captain Kangaroo’ and ‘Bugs Bunny’.

Yes…1978 was a great year! Let’s all smile and reflect…shall we!! That felt good. NOW…on to some serious business. Did you know that if your house or building was built prior to 1978 there may be some dangers lurking as close as your walls or window seals? Yep – right there in that beautiful paint you want to get rid of and/or paint over.  It’s Lead! That’s right…lead was used in paint up until 1978. Then we all wised up and said… ‘Hey, you know what – this lead in paints that our kids put their mouths on or when we sand it gets dust into our lungs…isn’t a good thing.’ So we said NO MORE LEAD!

If you have a remodeling project in mind there are a few things you need to be aware of about lead paint:

  • First of all please use a Lead-Safe Certified Contractor for your project.

  • Did you know that lead exposure can cause lower intelligence and behavioral issues in children?

  • The dust from lead paint can be harmful to developing fetuses.

  • Exposure to lead paint dust can contribute to high blood pressure, fertility problems, kidney effects, and nervous system effects.

  • And there are more…

  • Oh…did we say how important it is to use a Lead-Safe Certified Contractor.

If you are considering having even a small remodeling job done that will cause dust from lead paint to be circulated or disturbed…then do not take a chance…use a company that knows how to keep you and your family safe.

The EPA has guidelines in place to help ensure that contractors know their responsibilities and if they are going to tackle your project and you have a house built prior to 1978…they need to be a Lead-Safe Certified Contractor.  (This includes: renovators, electricians, HVAC specialists, plumbers, painters, and maintenance staff who disrupt more than 6-square feet of lead paint must carry this certification).

Painter Ready 423-648-4408!